Half-Day Demonstration:
A Glimpse into Love and Connection

Experience the Magic of Family Constellations when applied to Relationships for Only $100

For a brief look, watch “Another Self“, a captivating series delving into the exploration of Family Constellations.
Join us for an exclusive half-day demonstration of our “Meet Your Soulmate” Program.
Immerse yourself in a 5 hours exclusive insightful experience.
Get a taste of the “Meet Your Soulmate Retreat” in a serene and supportive environment.
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Full Retreat: Your Path to a Deeper Connection

Excited by the demonstration?
We invite you to explore the full experience attending our 5 to 7 day retreat at the enchanting Canary Islands.

Learn more and reserve your spot at MeetYourSoulmateInTheCanaryIslands.com

Discount for Demonstration Attendees
As a valued participant of our demonstration, if you then decide to attend a full retreat, you’ll receive a $100 discount.
It’s our way of thanking you for embarking on this half-day journey with us.

Testimonials from Participants

* @AngelPrimal Workshops *

The Soulmate Program is an exclusive event oriented to serious relationships.

Angel Primal has facilitated over 3,000 Family Constellations in Spain and other countries for more than 20 years, helping to solve many different issues, including family & couple relationships. 

Some comments from participants:
  • It is not easy to put my experience into words. The depth and breadth of the learning is astonishing …
  • It is like having had the opportunity to travel to the past in a «Delorian» and having been able to experience, recognize and heal the stages of my life that have most influenced me in my present …
  • Angel, First of all I want to thank you with all my heart for your help, your teaching, your love and so many things that you transmit. You are again a being of light in my path…
More testimonials translated into English >>

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Facilitated by @AngelPrimal

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–  Events for Singles & Couples –

Early Session:
From 10:00 am to 3:00 pm (10h – 15h)
Late Session:
From 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm (16h – 21h)

Cost: $100 USD
*Crypto welcome*

Participants may attend both sessions with no additional cost. 

Reservation Payment:

If you have already registered and received a message confirming your place in a specific DEMO, the next step is to make the $100 payment.
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– Booking with Credit Card: $100 USD
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Our Soulmate DEMO is an opportunity to live the “Meet Your Soulmate” experience before considering your registration in a full 5-7 Day Retreat.


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